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Force Quit Applications in Mac OS X

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002

There are several ways to force an application to quit.
* Choose Apple menu > Force Quit, select the application in the list, and click Force Quit.
* Press the Command, Option, and Esc keys at the same time. Then select the application in the list and click Force Quit.
* Hold down the Option key and press the application icon in the Dock.

After you force an application to quit, try using it again. If you continue to have problems, you may need to install the application again or contact the application’s maker for more help.

Setting Up Mac OS 9

Tuesday, October 1st, 2002


1. On Startup
A. Command option delete
B. C – Boot CD
C. T – Target Disc Mode
D. Cmd-V – Verbose Mode
E. N – Network Boot

2. Customize Install
A. Customize Internet Access Custom
B. *Pick first 2 not MS
C. Uncheck Apple Remote Connection
D. Uncheck Personal Web Sharing
E. Uncheck Text to speech
F. Uncheck English Speech Recognition
G. Uncheck Language kits
H. Uncheck Network Assistant Clients

I. Click Options
J. Uncheck update apple hard disk drivers
K. Uncheck Create installation report

L. Click Start
M. Run software update for 9x
N. Color Code System folders
O. Copy gifts from KK folder over and rename it to Gifts from 318
P. Apple menue extras
Q. Hard Drive Alias
R. Options

S. ****Look at apple menu items and document
T. labels up
U. First Clean intall Brown

V. Contextual Menu
W. Control Scripts
X. Fonts
Y. Preferences
Z. Extensions
AA. Control panels
BB. Control Panel Config
CC. Apple menu items
DD. 33 all
EE. for trouble shooting
FF. Appletalk
GG. Command K
HH. Ethernet
II. Airport

JJ. Date andd Time Options
KK. Date and Time
LL. Flash date and time
MM. Engery Saver
NN. On network sleep never
OO. Server – advance setting restart after power saver

PP. Extension Manager
QQ. Turn off Authoring Support
RR. ***Test this – Location manager for portables
SS. Multiple users disable
TT. File sharing – name computer
UU. Memory
VV. Disk Cache – lower it for adobe products to 1024k
WW. Quick time settings – set it for their internet speed
XX. Software Updates
YY. Disable auto update software updates

ZZ. TCP/IP settings
Aa. Uncheck load only when needed

Bb. Run Software Update a few times

Cc. Add Memory to Applications
Dd. Add 2 or 4 times as much

Ee. IE – Preferences – Small and large ICONs – add preferences
Ff. Download folder
Gg. Add Shortcut to three18