Install A Profile On Apple TV Using Apple Configurator

November 13th, 2012 by William Smith

With a recent software update administrators gained the ability to apply network management profiles to 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV devices. Apple TV supports applying profiles via HTTP download or using the most recent update to Apple Configurator, which had been for iOS devices only.

Applying a profile to an Apple TV using Apple Configurator requires:

Create a Wifi configuration

Most options in Apple Configurator apply only to iOS devices but wifi settings will apply to Apple TV as well. Creating a profile to configure wireless network settings can be useful for deploying multiple Apple TVs and preventing network changes.

  1. Launch Apple Configurator and make sure the Prepare pane in the toolbar is selected.
  2. Enter a meaningful name for this configuration.
    Start Apple Configurator
  3. Click the ” + ” button (plus) at the bottom of the window and select Create New Profile… from the drop down menu.
  4. Under the General settings payload of the new profile complete the mandatory fields of the payload.
    Profile General Settings
  5. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the General settings payload window to include additional security information for allowing removal of the profile.
    General security settings
  6. Select Wi-Fi settings payload in the left column and populate the settings to join the Apple TV to a wireless network.
    Wi-Fi settings
  7. Click the Save button and the new profile will appear in the Profiles list for the configuration.
    Profiles list
  8. At this point connect the Mac to the Apple TV using the USB cable. If necessary, unplug the video cable leading to the television.
  9. Click the Prepare button at the bottom of the Apple Configurator window and click the Apply button when prompted.
  10. The name from the Apple TV will appear in the right column and details about the progress will flash below the name. Applying the configuration should take just a few seconds. When the progress indicator to the right shows complete disconnect the USB cable from the Apple TV.
    Applying settings

Verify the profile

The profile name appears on the Apple TV under Settings.

  1. Navigate to the main menu of the Apple TV.
    Apple TV main screen
  2. Select Settings –> General.
    Apple TV settings
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Profiles. Select the Apple TV – Wifi profile that was upload via Apple Configurator to view its details.
    Apple TV profile

If the profile allows removal then the Remove Profile button is available at the top of the profile information screen. Otherwise, it’s dimmed. The Apple Configurator can overwrite this profile with another one that allows it to be removed.

Publishing the profile to a website

Apple Configurator can also create a .mobileconfig file to publish to a website for download directly to the Apple TV. To create the file return to the Profiles list on the Prepare pane and highlight one or more profiles. Click the Share icon at the bottom to save the file.

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One Response to “Install A Profile On Apple TV Using Apple Configurator”

  1. Just a note, I’m pretty sure I was able to apply the AppleTV OS update with Apple Configurator using this process as well. The only caveat, if you’ve just Supervised iOS devices and deployed apps, you need to make sure no apps are selected while configuring the AppleTV(which in my experience meant turning the Supervision switch back on to be enabled to deselect apps, otherwise it was greyed out).