Change PresStore’s port number to avoid conflicts with other services

January 10th, 2013 by William Smith

PresStore by Archiware is a multi-platform data backup and archive solution. Rather than writing a GUI control panel application for each platform Archiware uses a web-based front end.

By default PresStore uses port 8000 for access:


This is a common port number, though, for many applications such as Splunk, HTTP proxies, games and applications that communicate with remote server services. 8000 isn’t a special port—it’s just a common port.

If PresStore is installed on a UNIX-based server with another application also using port 8000, changing its port number to something else is as simple as renaming a file. This file is located in PresStore’s install directory and is called lexxserv:8000:


A local administrator can change the name of this file using the mv command. Assuming he wants to change it to port 8001, he’d use:

sudo mv /usr/local/aw/conf/lexxserv:8000 /usr/local/aw/conf/lexxserv:8001

After changing the port, stop the PresStore service:

sudo /usr/local/aw/stop-server

And start it again:

sudo /usr/local/aw/start-server

Or just use the restart-server command:

sudo /usr/local/aw/restart-server

Windows administrators will need to open the PresStore Server Manager utility and change the port number in the Service Functions section.

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