LifeSize: Establishing A 3-Way Call

November 27th, 2012 by Charles Edge
I’m becoming pretty fond of LifeSize Video Conferencing Units. Mostly because they’re so easy to for end users that I rarely get any support calls about them. LifeSize Units Support 3 and More Way Video Conference Dialing. When I’ve done a 3way call in the past, I’ve just done the following:
  • Established the first call.
  • Use the Call button on the remote to bring up the address book screen (aka Call Manager).
  • Highlight the Requested call to add.
  • Clicking OK on the remote.
  • The second call added will appear side-by-side with your video of your call on the 2nd monitor. Your call should then appear on the first monitor of each of the two callers with their screen side-by-side with the first one you added on their second monitor.
  • When the call is finished, click on the hang up button on the remote to bring up Call Manager.
  • Click on the Hang Up button again to disconnect all users.
  • OR at this point you could also add another call, bandwidth permitting.
  • If you start a presentation while on the call then all callers will be tiled on the main screen and the presentation will play on the second screen.

Repeat this process to add more and more callers. If you have an RJ-11 w/ POTS you can also add voice callers. Granted they can’t see anything you’re piping over the video, but they can still participate in the areas of calls where they don’t need video.

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