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Thursday, November 29th, 2012

It was our privilege to be contacted by Bizappcenter to take part in a demo of their ‘Business App Store‘ solution. They have been active on the Simian mailing list for some time, and have a product to help the adoption of the technologies pioneered by Greg Neagle of Disney Animation Studios (Munki) and the Google Mac Operations Team. Our experience with the product is as follows.

To start, we were given admin logins to our portal. The instructions guide you through getting started with a normal software patch management workflow, although certain setup steps need to be taken into account. First is that you must add users and groups manually, there are no hooks for LDAP or Active Directory at present (although those are in the road map for the future). Admins can enter the serial number of each users computer, which allows a package to be generated with the proper certificates. Then invitations can be sent to users, who must install the client software that manages the apps specified by the admin from that point forward.


Sample applications are already loaded into the ‘App Catalog’, which can be configured to be installed for a group or a specific user. Uploading a drag-and-drop app in a zip archive worked without a hitch, as did uninstallation. End users can log into the web interface with the credentials emailed to them as part of the invitation, and can even ‘approve’ optional apps to become managed installs. This is a significant twist on the features offered by the rest of the web interfaces built on top of Munki, and more features (including cross-platform support) are supposedly planned.


If you’d like to discuss Mac application and patch management options, including options such as BizAppCenter for providing a custom app store for your organization, please contact

WordPress 3.0 on the Horizon

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

According to the current project schedule, WordPress 3.0 will hit the release candidate milestone next month, with a target release date of May 1, 2010. Lots of people have been writing about the new features of this release, but here are some of the highlights from the official list:

  • The merge with WordPress Multi-User (and multisite capabilities)
  • Better support for custom post types
  • Better menu management
  • New default theme “Twenty Ten” (preview here)
  • Custom Navigation
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Choose username for the first account, rather than using ‘admin’
  • New template files for custom post types
  • Author specific templates
  • jQuery updated to 1.4.2

The code merge between “normal” WordPress and WordPress MU is a major undertaking. This will also allow BuddyPress to officially be installed on non-multiuser sites. The new default theme and ability to easily modify backgrounds should allow non-designers to create a nice custom site without having to know too much about theme design. The WooNav addition looks great and the elimination of the default admin user is something we talked about in our last post on WordPress security.

This will be a major release that should be tested in a non-production environment before being deployed on your server. 318 will be ready to help you with this upgrade when it’s released – call us at 877.318.1318 to schedule an appointment today!