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10 Windows 8 Keyboard Combinations

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Some helpful tips (in the form of keyboard combinations) on getting wizardly fast with navigating around Windows 8:

  • Windows key: Brings up the Start menu. On a touch screen keyboard you can then swipe through the charms in the Start menu.
  • Windows-x: Brings up a menu with many of the systems administration tools you’ll need in Windows 8, including Disk Management, a command prompt, device manager, etc.
  • Windows-r: Brings up a Run dialog
  • Windows-c: Bring up the sidebar that allows you to search, access devices or tap/click on Settings to bring up a Shut-Down menu.
  • Windows-l: Lock the screen
  • Windows-k: Bring up Devices
  • Windows-h: Bring up Sharing
  • Windows-f: Bring up Files in the Start Menu search
  • Windows-i: Bring up Settings (Control panel, personalization, desktop, Power menu, network selection for Wi-Fi, etc)
  • Windows-Q: Brings up the apps screen so you can select a program to open
  • And for your extra credit, most of the alt keys still work, but I find I now use Alt-F4 more than I used to, which closes a window